American Entitlements

American Entitlements LLC is a brokerage firm in Wylie, TX. Our tenured agents are the best in the industry and will help you handle the burden and confusion of medical coverage. Whether its dental, vision, critical illness, Medicare, or life insurance, we will cater a plan to fit your needs.

Forward My Address

We make it easy to change your address with the post office so when you move, your mail will get forwarded to your new address. We take care of the $1.00 USPS® filing charge, we will file your official address change request with the United States Post Office™, save you […]

Happier Home Inspections

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you may make and choose the right Plano home inspection is essential. Every buyer should know what you are getting into when buying a home. This will help you avoid costly and or unexpected repairs afterward. Dennis Rodda (owner of Happier […]

Holistic Institute of Science & Cosmic Arts

Instituto holístico de ciencias y artes cósmicas HISCA.  Un espacio artístico y recreativo que trabaja en torno a prácticas coherentes con el territorio cósmico y propio desde la memoria, la tecnología ancestral, la ciencia y el arte en general. Desde perspectivas armónicas con el ecosistema permitimos la difusión de obras y servicios artísticos que […]

Power 2 Pick

If you live in a state where energy’s deregulated, you may be able to save considerably on your current bill by switching your electricity and natural gas suppliers. This depends on your state and local utility. By showing you the best energy rates in your area all at once, the […]

Taashii Wayuu

Taashii Wayuu is a non-profit organization that is helping indigenous communities in La Guajira, Colombia to realize their dream of economic independence.

Utility Connect

IN EVERYTHING WE DO, WE BELIEVE IN CREATING A SIMPLE SOLUTION! WE BELIEVE SIMPLICITY IS THE NEW STANDARD! WE ARE THE EXPERIENCE! No matter what you’re renting, whether it be an apartment, condo, mobile home, duplex or townhouse we can shop the best rates available for you and give you […]

Wayuu Mochila Bags

Wayuu Mochila Bags are for every day, every outfit, and every personality! These handmade pieces of art will surely be the most unique bags you’ll come across in the world. The indigenous people that make them treat each piece as a canvas bringing out their passion and heart into each […]

The Service Lounge

  Our customers are individual households or businesses in need of a fresh new look in their current or soon to be property. Since 2012, we have strategically built a team of highly qualified staff. There is no project too big or small for our team. With custom 3D renderings, our customers are able to see the […]

Diana Miller

Diana Miller Web Content Director For the last few years, I have dedicated myself to hone my craft as a Web Content Expert. My background as an artist and language instructor has allowed me to manage written and visual content for several websites. I work closely with business as a  […]

David Romero

David Romero Graphic Designer I am a professional Graphic Designer, with great adaptability since my work experience has been in public and private companies. My graphic work encompasses projects related to the educational field, advertising agencies and now in the mining sector.These previous experiences I have allowed me to work […]

Azael Valderrama

Azael Valderrama Artist  Professional Visual artist, with extensive knowledge of graphic communication and plastic arts. I have developed projects in the public and private sectors, focusing on the commercial image. My work focuses on conceptualizing ideas through images. My experience encompasses the creation of logos, advertising, digital illustrations, photography, murals, audiovisual […]